In-Town Tourist: Secrets at Inniswood


It’s often the surprises that elevate a day from ordinary into something special.  Sometimes they come to us in a package or on two feet with a familiar smile.


At other times we have to go find them.


turtlewith lady

As many times as we’ve explored Inniswood Metro Park, it still retains the “just opened” sheen of a fresh gift of nature.  This time we followed the Story Path to its treasure: the legend’s hero (psst: not the lady, but the hard-working turtle beneath her).


And just beyond -through a living tunnel of green, lies yet another surprise…

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9 Comments to In-Town Tourist: Secrets at Inniswood

  1. Inniswood is a lovely little park. Just visited there a few weeks ago, and all the images after 1:12 in this video were captured there:

  2. I like the quote. There must be a great story behind it.

  3. A really fascinating place, Heather. Where do you find them?

  4. Trisha Pearson

    Wow – that is a very beautiful, intriguing park. I would love to visit there, if only it weren’t so far away.

  5. What a cool idea, a Story Path. I’ve never heard of one before. Great photos, the tunnel of green is very nice.

  6. Chuck: Very nice. Always love your piano and the video fits it well…
    Rainfield: Yes. I especially like that tile. The message is always a good reminder!
    Graham: I’m lucky to live in a city with lots of terrific parkland. I don’t take it for granted!
    Trisha: Wait ’til you see the next part, Trisha. It’s a pretty magical kind of place!
    Brian: It’s fun to look back and see people facing different directions, reading the various tiles. Following the story takes you in circles, and I think the wandering enhances absorption. It’s a great feature in an outstanding park.

  7. It is a thought-provoking and excellent quote. I do like parks that have all these little extra bonuses to keep the mind active – quotes, small bits of art or whatever that complement the overall location.

  8. Parisbywayofrome

    Each time I visit Inniswood, I discover something different and interesting. Heather, thank you for sharing this special area … I love the quote and photos especially 🙂

  9. Mark: Inniswood is a wonderfully interactive park with something to engage every generation. We’re very lucky to have it within such a short drive.

    Paris: Thanks. I have some terrific photos from last weekend. Inniswood is lovely even when ice-covered.

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