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I guess it’s easier than riding a horse.  It parks compactly within the space of a motorcycle and isn’t likely to kick up its rear and send you spinning up, out and then down to the dirt (I’ve inserted a personal memory there).

GoCar going

The GoCar actually seems like an entertaining way to do a city tour at your own pace.  With built-in GPS navigation and a number of route options, the bright yellow two-seaters were hard to miss on San Francisco’s streets.  Occasionally one of the “talking cars” would approach from behind and broadcast an interesting data bit relevant to where I was currently walking.  They are new and novel enough to catch the attention of passersby, and the tours proceed as fast or slow as you care to go.  The GoCar’s GPS system routes drivers around the steepest hills where a passenger’s additional weight would make it a no-GoCar.

The last time I visited San Francisco we rented audio headsets to tour Alcatraz, a more fluid option than constantly stopping to read through a brochure.  This is the same principle -only you don’t even have to move your feet.

*Also available in Miami, Barcelona and Lisbon with rental rates that vary by location.

and a number of route options,

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  1. Keith Pilat

    Now that looks fun!!

  2. The GoCar patrons seemed to be enjoying themselves and zipped around with ease. I would probably use the GoCar to get an overview of what I’d like to go back and explore on foot or by bike.

  3. You mean those are actual cars? i thought they were new go carts or something. They look like so much fun. Do you have to have a regular driver’s liscense to drive them?

  4. My buddy and I toured Alcatraz with a six-pack of beer. I realize this is my second comment about San Francisco involving beer but drinking on the street was such a novel idea we hated to not do it.

    We bought the six pack as it was cheaper than buying beer one at a time. (Prior to making the trip to Alcatraz visitors were told to not take beer. However, nobody bothered to look in our bag. And we were just out of college … so not all the rules applied to us.)

  5. What a great idea offering those cars for tours. I bet that spreads around the World. Some innovative entrepreneur must be doing very well by now.

  6. Fly Girl: They can go as fast as 35 mph, more than enough to keep up with city traffic, and require a valid driver’s license. In San Francisco, a driver must be 18 to rent the vehicle.
    Delmer: So you basically found an even more “fluid option” than the audio headsets I mentioned? And yes, it seems none of the “rules” apply until you start having your own children!
    Brian: I saw where they have franchise availability. ~Don’t know what other companies might be doing this, but the GoCar is only in four cities so far: two in the US and two in Europe. The GoCar seems like a viable business for temperate tourist destinations.

  7. This is a lot of fun! and it’s a good idea to earn money as well!

  8. riders

    Hi,its very nice info.I like this articles,its lovely car.

  9. So glad that I can visit here again!

    Yeah, I saw some in Barcelona, The Gocar like your picture but with a roof. But I love bike more, so I rent a bike. 🙂

  10. Hesham: I think it would be quite appealing to a certain breed of traveler and is a great use of GPS technology. Franchisees who choose their cities well should do a decent business with this concept.
    Riders: Thanks for the visit. It’s a cool-looking vehicle and certainly eliminates the parking hassle!
    iWalk: I had some issues with my WordPress upgrade and actually have a new URL now. Not fun…
    I don’t know that I’d like a roof on one of those cars -part of the appeal is the open air, I think. But, you have to accomodate the weather, I guess. I’m also more of a bike rider -like to get my exercise etc. ~But the cars do look fun!

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