Hummingbirds Choose the Marriott Bayview

Hummingbird and flower

Marriott Bayview

The Marriott Bayview in Newport Beach holds all the expected perks and comforts of this hotel brand enhanced by a front row seat to Nature.

Situated on the edge of the Upper Newport Bay Reserve and Ecological Preserve, it offers the traveler easy access to miles of recreational trails. Its on-site hummingbirdfitness center is small but adequate, containing weight and cardio machines as well as free weights. A nicely sized outdoor pool stretches from the upper patio to beneath a shaded overhang. The lower garden area features cushioned Adirondack chairs (perfect for morning coffee), a gazebo and a rock waterfall that attracts large numbers of hummingbirds. An attentive staff facilitated our smooth and enjoyable three night stay. I’m not a fan of hotel parking fees; the additional $18 per day charge was my only significant negative.


Breakfast at the Marriott Bayview is a treat, due mainly to the smiling Javier. Javier cooks from the heart, and the savory results are splendid.


His custom omelets are jammed with flavor, and in my case, jalapenos. He disarmingly insisted on presenting his creations tableside and surprised me one morning with an additional handcrafted pancake. It was one of those flourishing touches that makes the Marriott Bayview a pleasant stay in the Newport Beach area.

Newport Beach Hotel Review

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17 Comments to Hummingbirds Choose the Marriott Bayview

  1. I am always impressed with good photos of hummingbirds. These beguiling little birds are so tricky to photograph with their darting flight and rapid wings and you have done such a good job of them. I remember snapping several photos of them one day and NONE of them turned out at all – such a disappointment.

  2. What a charming hotel! I love the hummingbird pix, they remind me of fairies. Your pix really are amazing.

  3. You are so good to capture the hummingbird in pictures, so dynamic but beautiful.

  4. Heather

    Thanks Mark. Some of it was proper camera adjustments, some of it was luck!
    Fly Girl: It’s location was perfect, and the hummingbirds certainly added to the appeal!
    Rainfield: Thank you! The little guys hung out in the bushes and high branches of trees in the garden area and would then swoop down to the flowers and waterfall in quiet moments. Very entertaining.

  5. Keith Pilat

    It’s nice how you can capture the beauty in the same area that I have visited frequently, but didn’t take time to notice. Thanks for sharing.

    Your friend Keith…..(Flatbadger)

  6. Okay Heather! You convinced me to visit Newport Beach! What a trip! Did you get to run on the beach? This place makes exercising easy…..

  7. $18 is pretty steep, but you did get to eat well and capture some beautiful shots.

  8. Heather

    Keith: I think MOST of us are guilty of affording less value to what’s readily available to us. The “In-Town Tourist” series is my own attempt to combat under-appreciation, by identifying what’s unique within my “ordinary” hometown zone. There seem to be a few more thrills when you approach each day as a “tourist”, wondering what new things you’ll discover!
    Mark: The Newport area was a great starting point for the trip. ~Nothing like a rolling tide to make you feel like you’re on vacation! No beach runs this time, but I found great trails everywhere we went. ~Can’t wait to write about mountain-biking!

  9. Heather

    Cate: Agreed. I can stomach a parking charge a little easier in downtown hotels, but in fairness, I don’t know the norm for that area, and we certainly did enjoy our stay there. It was a good home base for the area.

  10. amer

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  11. Thanks for the positive feedback, Amer. ~Very much appreciated! I spent some time looking through your site and have bookmarked it for return visits.

  12. amer


    I’m back again on this content! because of Hummingbirds ! It’s nice how you can capture that pic! it’s so charm!

    Which famous photographer are you?

  13. Heather

    You’re making me smile, Amer! I felt very fortunate to get the hummingbird shots. It was a bit of work, but the kind of work I like to do! I have one more photo I especially like of a hummingbird in flight -it may show up in a future post.
    Ha! Not famous, just a photo fanatic!

  14. amer

    hahaha !! just a photo fanatic!

  15. Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
    anyhow thanks for the good read!

  16. There are a lot of sweet flowers there…

  17. Thanks LaptopLover! I do a lot of freelance writing.
    Limassol Cyprus: With a large fountain waterfall and garden of flowers, those birds seemed to have all they needed. They were a lot of fun to watch and photograph.

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