Diving, Swimming and Serenading the President

Pacific wave

The other night my dream included commentary that the Asian Markets were diving to unprecedented lows.  The visual was a nonsensical chart with downward arrows and zeros all over the place.  In my dream life, any “diving” generally involves me launching into water or air.  Far more characteristic would be the swim with manatees in my dream the night before or my french horn solo for Barack and company the night before that.

It was such an odd sort of dream for me that I’ve mused on it throughout the day.  All have now been touched at some level by our economic plummet; either with a direct hit or by a general shift in attitudes and assumptions.  The wisdom is good; the cost is high for many.

Some of us are learning wiser spending and the art of coupon-ing.  We say “no” to some of the extras and, perhaps, label our “luxuries” as such for greater mutual appreciation.  We’re trying to live smart and ready to roll with fluctuations we cannot control.

Rose garden trellis at Inniswood Metro Park (Ohio)

With that in mind, I plan to include more “In-Town Tourist” articles as well as some features with tips on maximizing experiences with minimal expense in the next few months.  While I am hopefully beyond the days of living on tuna fish and crackers for the sake of travel, I don’t care to spend money unnecessarily and there are many practical ways to stretch one’s travel dollar.  I still have a wealth of photos and stories from last year’s adventures to share, but I recognize them as “a wealth”.  I’m not sure what our travels will include this year.  I will certainly find and create opportunities, but like many, I’m leaning back for a moment to survey the landscape.

Of one thing I am certain: Travel, in one form or another, is essential to a goal of lifelong learning.  Here is a quote from my “Travels” page that sums up my personal view:

“Travel is not so much about where you go but rather about where those places take you. Unfortunately, most of us cannot live in permanent vacation mode (sigh), but with the right perspective a trip to the park can be our “walk on the beach”.

Travel is an escape from the ordinary. Finding the brand-new in our everyday places lets us live in that state of discovery that we often seek in alternate time zones. Extraordinary change resides within us. The externals may enhance, but the dissemination of a stunning sunset ultimately lies somewhere within our own hearts.”

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  1. What a beautiful post, Heather! I have been asked to write a piece as a guest on a Nova Scotia travel blog and I think I’ll use your sentiments to guide me in writing the post. With credit given! Now to think about those places where it has taken me.

  2. Heather

    Thank you Doug! Be sure to send me the link on your piece; I’d love to read about your travel experiences.

  3. I absolutely agree that travel is essential for learning and for life in general. I think when we travel, we are out of our everyday element, and we thus more aware of the beauty around us. That beauty is what need to be renewed.

  4. I always enjoy the “In-town Tourist” pieces.

    It’s always interesting to see how others are taking advantage of all Columbus has to offer.

  5. I agree. Travel is so important, rather than staying in one place.

  6. “Travel is not so much about where you go but rather about where those places take you.”

    I like that. And thanks for the moment of reflection and the reminder that we have so much wealth around us. Including the memories and photos of past travel experiences. I’d love to hear that French Horn solo… My mind is working on that….

  7. Yeah Heather , Travel brings color to our life, Brings fortune to a place, Brings happyness to our memory!

  8. Suzanne Perazzini

    It seems to make sense to pull in our belts in times like this, but I think we have to be careful about that. Those of us who still have stable jobs need to keep spending for that is how the economy survives. The recession of the 20’s, in part, became a depression because everyone stopped spending. Money flowing through the economy keeps the economy healthy, which will ultimately help those who have fallen on hard times. If we stop spending and traveling etc, then those who work in the retail, wholesale and service areas will suffer and more jobs will be lost. It becomes a vicious circle.

  9. Fantastic post and photos, Heather!!! You always take me with you when you travel with your beautiful imagery.

    Adventure can start at the doorstep. 😀 These times are hard and I look forward to your tips on economy. 😀

    Hugs, JJ

  10. Barbara: You’re right. There’s a heightened sensory alertness when we’re somewhere unfamiliar. Tapping into that awareness when we’re ensconced in “the familiar” again is a little like hitting the “refresh” button on your computer screen…
    Thanks Delmer. I always check your bike routes for new ideas. January aside, I think we’re pretty fortunate to live in the Columbus area.
    Jean-Luc: It’s the ultimate education if done with a curious mind. How are you holding up under all that snow?!
    Intrepid: Those experiences provide invaluable context and perspective, I think. As for the french horn: I wish I could still play it as well as I did in the dream, but at least the President seemed pleased (wishing I’d been included in the Inauguration quartet, no doubt).

  11. A very interesting dream…. I’ll have to digest that. Me Thinks – You would have been quite the gem cruising the crowd in your evening gown at the Inauguration ball!

  12. blue sky, widely sea 😀

  13. Heather

    iWalk: Well said! I love the “colors” of Asia that you share so well…
    Suzanne: Valid point. It’s a matter of reasonable response vs a panicked retreat. There are going to be some tremendous bargains for those able to take advantage of them. I’ve noticed resorts that have rigidly avoided discounts offering incentives for the first time and recently read a NY Times article that cited a similar trend in restaurants (with better service to boot!).
    There is essential value in exposing ourselves to new experiences, and I absolutely plan to travel this year. Last year held a terrific number of travel opportunities; I hope to find just as many this year. I plan to avoid “ordinary” in any case!
    Congrats on being an Eppie finalist! ~Looking forward to reading all about it!

  14. Heather

    JJ: I really enjoy your outdoor Michigan discoveries. It’s a gift to recognize fresh beauty in your own “back yard”. You’re a great “in-town tourist”!
    Have I ever mentioned that I was born in Ann Arbor?
    Intrepid: I’d certainly have enjoyed the “cruising”! (thanks!)
    MP3-legende: Thanks for the visit! I love a horizon in varying shades of blue.

  15. Nice post. I liked your quote about travel very much. Its quite profound. Nice blog

  16. Heather

    Chile Vacations: Thanks very much. Travel is obviously a passion of mine. I wrote those words a couple of years ago in an attempt to understand why that passion runs so deeply.
    ~Haven’t been to Chile yet. Your website looks like a great resource!

  17. Thanks. I have put in lots of efforts on it. Do come to Chile, its very beautiful. Even your blog is very good

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