Tourist Town Guides: “Jackson Hole” by Nina Lary

While the internet is invaluable for researching destinations and itineraries, it’s still a good idea to slip a current guidebook into your carry-on luggage.  The barrage of choices in an unfamiliar location can overwhelm; a little hand-holding in the form of a decent guidebook can make the difference.  My best travel books travel with me, get heavy use and generally return home in a slightly disheveled, bent-paged state.

“Jackson Hole: A Comprehensive Guide to Jackson and the Grand Tetons” by Nina Lary and published by Tourist Town Guides is such a book -and I haven’t even gotten back to Wyoming yet!  The guide is thorough without being overwhelming.  It includes a history of the locale, transportation suggestions and effective descriptions of the area’s ambience, season by season.  The author makes recommendations on accomodations, activities/tour operators and restaurants -helpfully sharing the “sway” factors so that the reader may more easily make his personal choice.  For instance, under motel listings:  “If those amenities are irrelevant to you, **** is not worth the extra money,” and, “The cozy lobby is a converted living room… Some may find this too close for comfort.”

There’s plenty of “local” insight included, and Nina excels at including the details that matter. Helpful sections include: Area Orientation, Outdoor Activities, Snow Sports, Teton Village, Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Each segment is very well-organized and brimming with descriptive and engaging narratives.

The pluses:  Listings include phone numbers, addresses and website information.  The author includes follow-up resources for in-depth information on virtually all listed categories.  Geological and social histories are related in easy-to-understand terms. The negative: My personal preference would be to include more specific trail and hiking information, but this guide is meant to be a thorough overview of the area -and it quite competently achieves that. As noted above, follow-up resources are included and allow the reader to flesh out the areas that interest them most.

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  1. You’re right on the money with this post. I re-discovered the value of “tourist town guides” this past summer in Hawaii. They can be a wealth of information and more convenient than a laptop. I was amazed at all of the little trinkets of info that some of these books hold. It’s nice to kick back with a cup of coffee and use a book like this to help plan your day too!

    Got to get to Jackson Hole! Do you ski?

  2. Good guides are invaluable

  3. Thanks for sharing Heather. A specific reference from you in this area is golden…

  4. Suzanne Perazzini

    Such guides in electronic form would be great so you don’t have a heavy book to lug around though if you are travelling by car it wouldn’t be a problem.

  5. Intrepid: The Jackson Hole guide is very user-friendly. Plenty of information but spaced well so that you can actually find what your looking for!
    I really hope to get back to Jackson Hole soon! It’s been years, and from what I read it has changed significantly.
    ~Used to ski and have been debating the advisability of doing so again with my ankle/knee challenges. My youngest is into all things “winter”, and I would love to take him skiing.
    Jean-Luc: So true. It comes down to finding the “good” ones!
    JollyJo: Thanks! I am at least very thorough when it comes to travel, so I appreciate others who also do the leg work.
    Suzanne: Additional weight must be earned to be carried! I hear you on the electronic versions. Have you tried any?

  6. Oh, Heather, this guide book to Jackson Hole looks delightful!!! One of my favorite authors, Deidre Knight, based her Midnight Warriors paranormal romance series in the Yellowstone area.

    Great post and photo. 😀

    Hugs, JJ

  7. Erica Baker

    Great advice and very informative….will keep all this in mind.

  8. JJ: It’s very readable and easy to thumb through. ~Sounds like an interesting series; you can’t beat a backdrop like Yellowstone!
    Erica: I’m a new fan of the Tourist Town guides, thanks to Nina’s book. The next guidebook on my nightstand is a guide to Fiji (by David Stanley for Moon Books).

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