Soaring Above Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay; soaring gull


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It was an ordinary sea gull doing nothing more than what sea birds ordinarily do. But the sun was dragging the light of coastal California back into the sea and launching its final spears of light at a craggy shoreline. It was too cold for crowds on the bluff, and soon it was only the bird and me. A fierce and chilling wind whipped my hair, blinding me unless I turned to face its force directly. The bird soared effortlessly on its current, floating up again and again without twitching a muscle, merely tipping from side to side to catch the wind’s lift and riding the gusting draft as the sinking sun ignited sand and surf below…

A warm car awaited me. And dinner. A long drive too, during which I would be able to sink into my seat and watch the creeping night absorb the silhouettes along the road. I knew the intense chilling wind would instantly fade to a faint whistle when I leapt into the heated car. And so I lingered for a moment.

It was one of those “perfect moments,” where the intensities of the external and the internal blend into a lasting sensory picture to file under “memories” in your inner library.

The wonder of this one was that I also got the photograph.

Updated from November 3, 2008.

Bodega Bay, California
Rugged coastline with dramatic views…
Fishing, surfing, golf, hiking & whale watching (Jan-April)
Film location for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

Visitor Information: 707-875-3866
The Official Bodega Bay Area Website

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18 Comments to Soaring Above Bodega Bay

  1. That is an award-winning picture!

    Bodega Bay? Isn’t that where The Birds was filmed?

  2. Wonderful capture.

  3. Stunning.

  4. I like the inner library!

    … many GOOD things there.

  5. Suzanne Perazzini

    And what a photo!
    We have to tell ourselves more often to stop and enjoy the moment. You seem to be good at it.

  6. amazing!!
    i love it

  7. Great pic.

  8. Jean-Luc: Yes! Good place to get a photo of a bird, huh?
    Jackal and Bob: Thanks! I was shivering so much, I wasn’t sure what kind of shot I would end up with.
    Speedcat: Thank you much!

  9. Heather

    Suzanne: I think success lies in not defining those “moments” ahead of time and in recognizing their randomness. I still race through far too many days, but I’m working on at least noticing the view as I go…
    Demetrios and StewartAllyn: Thanks. I’m pretty pleased with that shot. Nice of the gull to cooperate with me…

  10. Crisp photo. Flying birds are always tricky. Also enjoyed the poetic piece of prose.

  11. Isn’t it wonderful when there’s a photo opportunity and you have your camera? Nothing like a photo to take you back and remind you of the moment and the experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Heather

    Thanks Mark. It was a “poetic” sort of place…
    Intrepid: I’m rarely without my camera because I hate missing a great shot! My biggest dilemma is always with running or biking. I have a floating bag I can use for kayaking, but with biking and running I have to be content with keeping the visuals in my own mind.

  13. Beautiful pic Heather!

  14. it´s beautiful picture.

  15. Heather

    Thanks Michael and GoKart!

  16. Oh, I wish I could photos this beautiful!

  17. Glad you like the photo, April!

  18. Your are terrific. And so is your site! Awesome content. Good job guys! Appealing article, adding it to my favourites!

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