The Bride Wore Flip Flops…

Cahoon Hollow Beach; south of The Beachcomber (Wellfleet, Cape Cod)

At around this time last year, two of my sisters and I flew into Boston for our cousin’s wedding. We hung around Logan International long enough for our uncle to fly in from Florida and then entrusted our lives to my sister Stephanie and streams of strangers with Massachusetts license plates.

Laura (The bride wore flip flops...)

As navigator, I got a front seat in the rental car and the opportunity to be frightened first as my sister tackled the aggressive traffic. We were headed to Cape Cod. To this day, I have no real sense of the distance involved; only that the preceding plane ride was much shorter and minus the sudden brake slams. One of those “it’ll bond ya or break ya” experiences…

Stephanie displayed the heart of a Bostonian driver -impressive for a Midwest native- but when she almost clipped a garbage truck that didn’t really care that she had the right-of-way, Kathleen and I took refuge in our cell phones. I texted her a photo of Steph hunched over the wheel. She shot back the terrified faces of the back seat passengers. I sent her a serene self portrait, leaning out the car window, my hair blowing in the smoggy wind. We were totally and unapologetically obnoxious, but it made the trip go a lot faster. Well, for us it did; probably not the case for Steph who could only endure my “smile!” admonishments with no real retaliation capabilities. Wish I’d gotten some video too…

My extended family’s get-togethers had been relegated to funerals the past few years, so the chance to celebrate together was especially sweet. -And to “play” in someone else’s town is truly a vacation. There’s something about being within someone’s created living space that brings their essence added dimension: the funny books in cousin Holly’s guest bathroom; the vision of “home” that my cousin Spencer and his wife are bringing to life; the eclectic yet graceful gathering of found and created treasures my Aunt Sue displays as living art in her home. I found myself inspired and renewed at every turn that weekend.

Laura the bride

The bride-to-be talked us into an Atlantic dip. Hot sand. Frigid sea. A sensory contrast that blasted my breath right out of me… Laura and I walked the beach and caught up on her new life, stopping to add to a couple of the beach sculptures created with “found objects” by passers-by. I felt very much enfolded in the “artistic” that whole weekend. From the sea glass artfully strewn across the top of my aunt’s patio table to the sand patterns on the beach… Renewing. Refreshing…

The wedding took place on a sandy bluff overlooking the vast Atlantic.

The Beachcomber; beachside view

The Beachcomber on Cahoon Hollow beach is a Cape Cod landmark. Live entertainment and an incredible menu make it the summer hang-out for beachgoers on the Cape. We just call it Todd and Holly’s place.

Hang-gliders at Cahoon Hollow Beach; south of The Beachcomber

Hang-gliders swept the sky to the south of the wedding party. Laura wore flip flops and added a denim jacket over her wedding dress when the chill of autumn bit in. Mark’s brother officiated; their kids shared words and music as their attendants. The sea sparkled as we wiggled our toes in warm sand. I love beach weddings.

We reminisced about that wonderful weekend for weeks afterward, promising ourselves to get together more frequently because it’s always so much fun!!!! Holly and my Aunt Sue have been here to Columbus a couple of times since. We talked about getting together this past summer, but schedules intruded. We’ll keep trying, I hope.

Seems silly that “life” so often gets in the way of Life…
Mark and Laura; 2006

“Happy Anniversary Mark and Laura!”

16 Comments to The Bride Wore Flip Flops…

  1. Favorite Cousin (Laura!!)

    Heather, you are the sweetest! Thank you for reminding me of so many wonderful details of my wedding weekend. I actually remember each one perfectly, but it is nice to see them summed up so beautifully! And thank you for taking so many wonderful photos and being my “attendant” in the Handicapped bathroom, while I changed into my dress, put on makeup and gave up on my hair.
    I love you!!!

  2. “Wonderful” all the way around, Laura! Hanging at Holly’s, Sam’s gorgeous flower arrangements, the kids, Grandma, dancing(!!!)… Always fun to laugh with you (and your hair looked great; honest)! Love you too!

  3. I used to live in Lowell, Mass. and spent a lot of time on the road (I worked 45 minutes from where I lived). The folks certainly know how to drive up there.

    My roommate and I went to the beach several times. I was always amazed at the number of people on the beach and the total lack of people in the ocean. It was pretty cold.

    I was in my 20’s. No responsibilities. A friend of mine worked in a bar. Gas was just over a dollar a gallon.

  4. HeatherD: What an awesome wedding. Soon I will be celebrating my 40th year of marriage and now I’ve got some different perspectives . . . .thanks
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Rino

    I could hear seagulls in my mind!

  6. Delmer,
    -Sounds like a fun life stage… “no responsibilities” + “beach”…!

  7. Bishopscott,
    Congratulations on your forty years together; that is a rare and wonderful thing these days!

  8. Rino,
    I love that we have so many senses with which to capture our favorite memories!
    BTW: Congratulations on your new site; very nice!

  9. I love your blog, your posts are so informative. By the way, you have just been tagged.

  10. I am a ignorant in geography,what ocean is?Pacific ?it seems very known.I added your blog to my favorites to day.
    I beg you pardon but I speak spanish

  11. Thank you Deborah! I’m recovering from a computer “virus” and am a little behind on the web these days. I will check out the tag!

  12. Hi Jorge! You write English MUCH better than I can write or speak Spanish. -Hoping to improve on that!
    The freezing dip mentioned in this blog was actually in the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful, but quite bracing!
    Thanks very much for “favorite-ing” my blog…

  13. Aunt Sue

    You have such a fine eye for seeing the essence of moments, people (e.g. “the flipflops”), places. And have perfected the art of allowing others to be seen. I admire the courage you have found to be free enough to do this! And so much lies ahead!
    I love you,
    Aunt Sue

  14. Sue,
    Those words mean so much coming from you. Your perceptions and perspectives are so valuable to me.
    I’m really looking forward to the birthday celebration!! Think we can walk?
    Love you too…

  15. Grandma Prior

    I’ve watched many of your journeys and travels today and listened to your voice and seen your beautiful photographs. It was wonderful. Keep up your good work Heather.
    I love you
    Grandma Prior

  16. Heather

    You’ve made me smile again. As usual… You’re an amazing woman and I’m so thankful to be your granddaughter.
    I love you too.

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